June 2011

Crystal Ball Bingo Took up a new design

Last weak I redesigned crystalball bingo.com . This was my very  first website developed in JSP and liQuantum platform. I was a very good experience as every thing was new to me. Even though it was second time I developed a bingo website  (I have developed Goldenhat bingo.com ) the concept seems to be new. New Design   Old Design Continue reading →

Communicate with the players.But don’t spam

Communicating with a players often can keep your brand on top of their mind. But too much is bad! Generally iGaming sites communicate with their players by sending newsletters and mailers. They send their weakly promotions , monthly promotions , notifications , messages through newsletters which finally sit into the player’s inbox. The players seem to be responding well for… Continue reading →

Making Bingo Players To Interact More With Their Friends

Today I got an idea which made me think lot about it. It was about an unexpected question which triggered in my mind – By how many ways do bingo players interact with their friends in a room ? Currently almost all the bingo software provides chat box and private message as a communication means.The software like virtual fusion give… Continue reading →

Prof.Stuart Hart’s Speech in Bangalore

Prof.Stuart Hart , co-author of management Guru was in the town today . He gave a speech on  The Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid : In the new milieu to the gathering held at Dayanand Sagar College , Bangalore. This event was attended by around 450 people as per the count given by the registration desk. Following gentleman… Continue reading →

Village By Name SnapDeal.com In India

Today a village in India decide to rename the village as SnapDeal.com Nagar. SnapDeal.com  is a  company which  is into online Coupon business and have taken over Groupon in india. The company solved a very common problem of Indian villages. It gave a solution to the water problem. The villager decided to rename their village to show the appreciation towards… Continue reading →

Bingo Chat Hosts Can Build Better Brand Image

All most all bingo software allows player to chat among them self and the chat host. This means that the chat host are first point of contact for any player. He/she is the one who is representing from your brand. Serving the players in a most friendly manner would impress the player and make them to return back. Players at… Continue reading →

Building Primary Revenue Stream With Mini Games

Today the mini games which were introduced as a side games along with bingo, poker, casino are no longer just meant for fun. They have moved out of the category “Fun Games”. These games are played for shorter period of time and this is the reason for their popularity. scratch cards and slots are most notable games of this kind.… Continue reading →

Getting Your Brand Promoted By Players

Very recently crystal ball bingo was relaunched with new design. This new bingo site is being developed on AliQuantum platform which is based on JSP and this is my first website in JSP . Along with the new design Crystal Ball Bingo also introduced a new concept of marketing called Brand Ambassadors. This is a unique concept where in the… Continue reading →

BestBingoClub – My first Bingo Portal

BestBingoClub is a bingo portal designed to compare the different bingo brands. Even though I didn’t work much on this website , it is a memorable experience. This website give me a good chance to experiment the things as I was completely new to such a kind of development. This website gave me a way to learn CSS and Java… Continue reading →