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Bingo Chat Hosts Can Build Better Brand Image

All most all bingo software allows player to chat among them self and the chat host. This means that the chat host are first point of contact for any player. He/she is the one who is representing from your brand. Serving the players in a most friendly manner would impress the player and make them to return back. Players at bingo room come for fun and entertainment. The chat host must be more funny and make other to enjoy his/her company with them. How to achieve this would be a big question. I have few suggestions here

Giving one to one Care.
Showing more personal care toward each player would be good . But again too much is also not good. So chat hosts can speak twice in a week with the players over private message.

Giving away a unofficial bonus credit to players.
Chat host can give away a small bonus credit to there players. Here I am not speaking about chat bonus. This would be like a gift from a chat host to players. This would be said as a unofficial to players , but that is know to the company.

Two chat hosts in a room.
Generally an public show would have 2 anchors. They would speak in a funny manner , do some dramas and then announces the chief guest of the program or a celebrity on the dais. The viewers of the show would enjoy the anchors. They would bring a smile on the viewers by teasing them self  in one other the other way. The same must be implemented in the bingo rooms. There must be 2 chat hosts in a single room. Players would enjoy the chit chat of chat host and will also join them.This would give players a different world other than bingo.