I'm the technical partner you’ve always wanted

Yes,you read it right.It is mere fact,that I get to hear from my clients most often.

Freelance Web Developer - Sachin G Kulkarni

With that said, here is the more formal introduction about myself.

I am independent web developer & consultant specialized in creating internet based business solutions. I have been in this field for nearly 5 years, helping companies like you to stay top in industry by the use of unique elegant business solution built by me.In short, I'm would be your technical consultant with whom you can be industry leaders.

I usually work with 'small and medium-sized' companies who lack the vision of what technology can do to their business.I discuss their business problems,risks,constrains and figure out how technology can help their business and most importantly if the solution is worth it - ROI matters.

That means, I just don't believe in implementing technologies that sounds exiting for today.I calculate if you can recover the investment on my work in next few months.

I am a blogger, entrepreneur, developer and overall thinker. I hold a master degree in computer science which has helped me understand in-depth technology.I stay in silicon city ‐ Bangalore ‐ this has helped me to meet many wonderful entrepreneur ,designers and people like you.

Ask anyone who has worked with me and they’ll tell you that I have committed to help them succeed at the highest levels, and staying there.

In short,You'll wish you would have met me much before!

Next Step

Now that you know a bit about me, I have listed out a few things that you could do:

  • Go to services page to check out what I do and what I have worked on.

  • Read testimonials to know what people say about me - I have picked them from the LinkedIn.

  • Share your feedback or just say hi - I love to learn about your company