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Online Travel Portal Development Freelancer

With the increase in use of internet by both new and old generation travelers, customers are find information online. This has made classical offline travel agency to disappear from the market.On the other side, this changing behavior has created lot of space in the online travel industry.

To enchase this market shift, Travel entrepreneurs are coming up with the fresh ideas to fill in the market with new possibilities. Of course the existing tour operator and travel agents needs to get online to catch up with the trend.

The changing market need raised the need for technology specifically designed and developed for travel industry. As a Freelance Travel Technology Developer, I fill in this need by developing and implement travel portals, travel CMS, travel CRM, travel marketplace etc.

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Freelance Travel Portal  Developer


Travel technology can be widely categorized into 5 kinds of solution. Brief description on all of them has been given below for you to understand better.

Travel Portal Development

Many tour operators and travel agents prefer to have their own travel portal to reach their customers online. These are solution specifically built to promote their tours and activities. Many companies have travel products which can fit in these kinds of needs. However, one solution does not fit all. It becomes evident to have self-owned customized portal to keep the interest of the customer in the site. I mainly develop such kind of solution for tour operators.

Tour & Activity Aggregator

To increase the sales tour operator go through tours and activity aggregator. You can find transactional and non-transactional aggregator in the market. Both of them have a significance difference. Transactional aggregator sells the travel product directly to the customer. On the other hand, non-transactional aggregator provide information about activities and destinations..

Travel CRM

While CRM is by itself a huge industry, travel CRM deserves significant market. This is mainly due to its specialization for travel industry. Travel CRM helps the tour operators, activity organizers to manage their customer and build good rapport among them. As always, most of the CRM are very costly and feature dumped. Few tour operators do not find them relevant to their business and hence go for customized solutions. I have developed travel CRM which closely suits the nature of business.

Travel Blogs

Building a blog around travel was a hobby for most of the travelers. However, it is no longer just a hobby. Blogs have become a marketing tool for many travel companies. Developing and designing a blog which suits the travel industry has been a science of art.

Travel Marketplace

While travel portal connects business to customer & vice versa, B2B travel marketplace helps to connect between other businesses in travel industry. Business possibility with travel marketplace is endless. Such marketplace help tour operator to connect with local activity organizer, hotels, local travel companies etc.

Finally, Travel and tourism industry is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down. With the rising standards of the living, people prefer to go far-off places to relax themselves. On the other hand business class & working professional, travel to fulfill their work related needs. Considering all these, travel industry is not prone to slow down.