Around Me

As a Freelance web developer I come across many things happening around me. I learn them by observation and talking to people. I write about some of those here.

5 things that other freelancers do not tell you about their website

You may be motivated to start your freelancing career after reading blogs and speaking to other freelancers. Everyone advice you to have a personal website to promote you service. In fact they tell you that websites as your identify on the internet. But what they don’t tell you is how to make your freelance website such that clients come to… Continue reading →

Toptaling for the ease of doing business

Being a freelancer web developer from past 5 years, I have worked with many clients and projects. While I have enjoyed working on all of them,I also found myself following different process for different project and clients. Most of the time would go away into following process and billing, I believe Toptal has a proven modle and make my business… Continue reading →

Minimal solution for tour operator to get online

Being online wasn’t a great investment few years ago. Getting tied up with as many travel agents would get more leads for package tour operators. This worked well for many tour operators. Even after sharing a small amount of profit for getting leads, the tour operators were in a good state. Unfortunately as the internet evolved, this formula became less… Continue reading →

Impact of local market visit as a part of itinerary

Last few days ago, some interesting question popped up in one of the Linked-In group related to travel. This question came from someone who organize itinerary for his customers. The author of that question wants to include local market visit as a part of the itinerary. The author writes the outcome of this idea in the description of the question.… Continue reading →

I reviewed a book from PacktPub Publications

Few months ago , I reviewed a book from the well known published PacktPub. It was a book of about 64 pages titled “Instant Testing with Qunit”. As a reviewer , I should say that this is a  book for quick hands on Qunit. Click on the front cover of the book to know more about the book. Being said… Continue reading →