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5 things that other freelancers do not tell you about their website

You may be motivated to start your freelancing career after reading blogs and speaking to other freelancers. Everyone advice you to have a personal website to promote you service. In fact they tell you that websites as your identify on the internet. But what they don’t tell you is how to make your freelance website such that clients come to you. This blog guide you to build one such website.

First impression is the best impression

Home page is the first page to visit by any new clients. Since you are completely new in their world, they willing don’t want to stay more than 20 seconds there. This means you have got just 20 seconds to retain them.  You can do that by introducing yourself in just a line or two. Below is a quick example of mine.

Freelance Web Developer Home Page

Also note to have a good tagline for yourself that would convince your customer to stay back and browse rest of your website. If you achieve it, you have won a client – of course not an extent to get a order placed.

Build your trust with your new customer

Customers don’t believe you right away. You need to build a trust with them. Many say it would be simply done by just showing few testimonials.

However, your clients would be intelligent that you are. They question the trustworthiness of those testimonials. Customer asks for themselves if that testimonial comes from real people. This is would be trick thing to handle. I have handled it differently. Visit my testimonial page to know what I have done.

People love to read story about you

People always love to hear your story and life experience. Develop a nice about page to tell your story. Cover topics such as your achievements, past experience, how did you end up with freelancing etc. Make sure that the content is such a way that you are narrating your story for them.

A good about us page will help you to get some space for yourself in their memories.  They would definitely come back to you, if not today.  

Let me know how I can you help me

Customers need solutions to their problems. You have to tell them how you can help them. If you are not sure, at least you have to tell them what the fields you know better at. Your portfolio page servers just that. List all the clients you have worked with along with the short description. List all the projects with a short description.

Keeping your portfolio simple and less informative will help. Because customers contact you for more information and it’s the second chance for you to impress them.

Start blogging – a very common advice.

Yes, you would have read this over and over. Just blogging on random things will not be that effective. You have to blog on what your customer would like to read about. Understanding your customer and market needs some time. Till then you may blog about new technologies which helps a non-tech entrepreneurs like to understand.

Remember:  design a blog such that they can land on your contact page with just a single click. Sometimes, this is the movement when you convert your prospective customer.


Those are the 5 tips I would like to give you today. Hope they work for you like they have worked for me. Leave your comments below with your trips. Let’s all of us achieve success together.