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Making Bingo Players To Interact More With Their Friends

Today I got an idea which made me think lot about it. It was about an unexpected question which triggered in my mind – By how many ways do bingo players interact with their friends in a room ?

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Currently almost all the bingo software provides chat box and private message as a communication means.The software like virtual fusion give an inbuilt mail box too. Does these option pave the way to deeper binding between players ?

Bingo rooms come under a concept of social circle , where the players know each other or have a group whose members are known to each other.Players interact more in such a social circle with more convenience. Based on this scenario an idea got built-in my mind – Players buying tickets for their friends in the room.

The idea is pretty simple. Players have an option to buy tickets for their friends in the bingo room with the account balance they have. A player can select a ticket and buy it and then transfer it to his/her friend , who is already active in that bingo room.The very next question which triggers in the mind is “ Do players buy for someone ? “.

One of the business model which has to be remembered here is Virtual Gift Model. Facebook saw a great success with this model. This virtual gift product of Facebook allowed people to pay for images of gifts they like. People would buy them and then transfer it to their beloved once. When this virtual gift model is accepted by people , why don’t people agree to buy tickets for someone. Why don’t players like to gift tickets their friends on  birthday . The only thing which matters is how close the players are in the bingo room.