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Communicate with the players.But don’t spam

Communicating with a players often can keep your brand on top of their mind. But too much is bad!

Generally iGaming sites communicate with their players by sending newsletters and mailers. They send their weakly promotions , monthly promotions , notifications , messages through newsletters which finally sit into the player’s inbox. The players seem to be responding well for few days ,but later the outcome of the efforts made towards the campaign will not be satisfactory. This results in low revenue generation. What is the reason behind this sudden change ?

The major factor for low revenue generation is that your communication to the players is not effective by means you have taken to do so. The content of the newsletter may be attractive and motivating but very fewer players are reading it. The reason behind this is that your mails are being ignored by the players.

Any e-mail client provide its user to filter and mark the mails based on the sender. Even the users can mark a specific sender as spam , which lead the mails go directly to the spam box. But why the users trying to avoid your mails ? Because they are fed up by your mails. You have sent enough mails and filled up their inbox . Distributing your email communication can make your communication better.

Following are the few guidelines to be followed for better communication.

  1. Don’t send more than 2 mails a week
  2. Sending a separate mail for just to say “Thank you for depositing” is a bad idea. Try to club them with other information which you have to communicate.
  3. Make your players get connected to you via your brand Facebook Page. You can send a notification using Facebook Message.
  4. Don’t use same email Id for all sort of communications. Depositing and withdrawal mails has to go from different e-mail id.
  5. Send your website promotions twice in a month – one on 1st of the month and 2nd on middle of the month.
  6. Don’t promote your offers every time you communicate. At least make the promotions silent on the mails. This can be done with intelligent newsletter design.

Experiencing the effect of your activities as a player will help you to determine the best way to sell.