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Getting Your Brand Promoted By Players

Very recently crystal ball bingo was relaunched with new design. This new bingo site is being developed on AliQuantum platform which is based on JSP and this is my first website in JSP . Along with the new design Crystal Ball Bingo also introduced a new concept of marketing called Brand Ambassadors. This is a unique concept where in the bingo brand gets promoted by the players already in the site. The home page of the website will give away the following message.

We want our lovely players to be our Brand Ambassadors – Invite new friends to Crystal Ball Bingo and have fun on here. Yes Brand Ambassadors enjoys the privileges of luxurious gifts by Inviting new friends…For more details and to be our Brand Ambassadors mail to

This kind of marketing is not an easy task. This needs more friendliness with players and personal care to each and every players. The one thing which needs to be observed here is that crystal ball bingo is trying to build large community with already existing small community. This is also a kind of viral marketing where the marketing cost is spend directly on the players and not on affiliates or Social Media Marketing Team.

Players always like publicity among their friends.This physiology of players has been take into consideration in Brand Ambassadors marketing strategy. Here the players also enjoy luxurious gifts from the site along with the publicity.

As this concept is introduced for the first time in the bingo industry , even we are eager to see the results. We hope this will lead us to success path.