As Freelance web developer I help business to use the technology in smart fashion. I write about such new discoveries to spread to the larger community.

IRCTC is testing very new User Interface

Today, I discovered that IRCTC is testing a new user interface. As per my observation not every request is routed to new interface, instead a random request is sent to this new interface after the user clicks on the “Find Trains” button. At first I thought this new interface is public , however during my continued search for trains on… Continue reading →

I reviewed a book from PacktPub Publications

Few months ago , I reviewed a book from the well known published PacktPub. It was a book of about 64 pages titled “Instant Testing with Qunit”. As a reviewer , I should say that this is a  book for quick hands on Qunit. Click on the front cover of the book to know more about the book. Being said… Continue reading →

How to make money with startup ?

I just found this infographics about startup via Facebook . Of course the money making is not a only factor for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs will have a very good product idea . Even most of this Web Developers take a step ahead with their great product idea and find a startup.     Continue reading →

Security Bug in LinkedIn

As you all know I am a PHP Freelancer & Consultant in Bangalore & I use a lot. In fact I get most of my new clients in But, I do have a day job. Recently I saw a opening in & applied for it. And today I logged in to see  status & updates.Unfortunately I have… Continue reading →

Bringing a breeze in your development using Breeze.js

Let me introduce most promising JavaScript library for data rich apps development called Breeze.js. This isn’t one  among many many JavaScript library. I has a huge capabilities. We will explore these capabilities in this blog. You store the data in database, query the complex data , do some manipulation on the data & like to store back the same on… Continue reading →

The Era of Flat UI Begins

Yes, the era of flat UI has started. Many designs by now have adopted the concept of Flat UI. In fact the whole concept of the Flat UI was picked up must faster than anything else. I would reveal the secrete bit later in this blog. For who don’t know what is flat UI here is the small explanation about… Continue reading →

Google Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer Family

Google Chrome Frame is an open source plug-in that brings Google Chrome’s open web technologies and JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer. With Google Chrome Frame you can right away use HTML 5 tags such as canvas and other technologies that aren’t yet supported in Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, or 9.One can take advantage of JavaScript performance improvements to make the apps… Continue reading →

Google India lights candle on it’s home page

Google India has lit a white candle on its home page as tribute to 23-years old Delhi gang –rape victim.  She passed away on December 27th in Singapore hospital.   It’s not a Google Doodle, but a small candle image below its search bars. Once you move a cursor on the candle it reads “In memory of the Delhi brave… Continue reading →

Non–IT Entrepreneurs Mindset

Two days ago I had got a call from an Entrepreneur who is a doctor my profession. He wants to establish a business in IT with hospital ERP as an entry point. That’s quite natural. The one you understand better is the one you may get success in. He has an example for an ERP which is desktop software that… Continue reading →