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The Era of Flat UI Begins

Yes, the era of flat UI has started. Many designs by now have adopted the concept of Flat UI. In fact the whole concept of the Flat UI was picked up must faster than anything else. I would reveal the secrete bit later in this blog. For who don’t know what is flat UI here is the small explanation about it.

In plain terms, flat design is a style of interface that doesn’t employ any three dimensional realism. Windows 8 is the perfect example. Yes, I guess Microsoft is the one who started it. But I am not too sure…

Some suggested that in Apple’s next mobile operating system,is pushing a more “flat design” that is starker and simpler, according to developers who have spoken to Apple employees but didn’t have further details.

So do you want to look into more possibilities of Flat Design? Then here you go. This pinterest collection is all for you.


But….do you wonder why this concept was highlighted all of a sudden. Well there are many reasons for this. Below is the quick list of them.


1) Flat design gets loaded up on the web browser than others. This is because mostly the flat design is achieved all with CSS3.  No more background images …

2) The power consumption of the flat design on the mobile devices are less

3) Developing a flat design is must easier and faster. The need for the complex design for designer is not required. A developer can just achieve it.

4) The flat design looks simple and impressive ( Of course, the same point was made when other designs concept was introduced earlier )

5) Finally, just because it is flat, you feel like you are reading a news paper.