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Social Connection & Depth of relationship

The title of this write up is bit confusing at first – that’s because it’s half baked ideas which hit my mind during my regular routine. Let me share the insight of this thought.


We are pushed to socialize online in many ways that coexists with their daily activities. We use facebook to keep up with friends, twitter to express thoughts to world, foursquare for check-in, pinterest to pin images, slideshare for slides & documents, delicious for bookmarking, digg & reddit for news, LinkedIn for professional networking & so on – in fact it’s never ending. Do we use all of them in a day…?

Sometimes we may not speak to one of our friends on slideshare or foursquare for months. Even they do the same with us. That’s because both are virtually connected & so is our depth of relationship. There you have a message – The physical connection cannot be replaced by social connection.

The channels to reach a person are many, but we run out of time to use those channels. This is the fact which gave a birth to new thought stream in my mind. I am half way finding a solution for it.

The solution is Social Wrapper.

May be this kind of solution already exists for social marketing professional. I don’t know. I am a PHP consultant by profession. Marketing professionals may have more to say about such tool!

Do we have such tool at the mass end user, which can…

  • Bring all the new feeds put together from various social sites.
  • List all my friends & followers on different social sites & allow to communicate with them
  • Allow to share & follow on different topics on different sites

And so on….you may list few more possibilities in the comment section of this blog

I hope to build more in depth relationship between my friends & followers with such a kind of wrapper.

 Key takeaway

The physical connection cannot be replaced by social connection. We need a wrapper around all the social services to make our relationship with connection stronger.