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Bringing a breeze in your development using Breeze.js

Let me introduce most promising JavaScript library for data rich apps development called Breeze.js. This isn’t one  among many many JavaScript library. I has a huge capabilities. We will explore these capabilities in this blog.

Breeze.js Logo

You store the data in database, query the complex data , do some manipulation on the data & like to store back the same on the database. Further you  save the data into cache for some amount of time  & sync with the database  later.  You display the data on UI & dynamically update content of the UI on data change.   Are these some internal  nature of your apps , then Breeze.js is tailor made for you.

So what all the breeze.js can do for you. Here is a small list

Business data objects- Create a serve side data model on the client . This is done automatically. Metadata is being used to for this which can be controlled & extended.

Rich Query – Write rich query to pull the data from OData services which can also include Filtering , ordering & paging

Batch Work – Do a batch task in a single transaction. It is capable of mixed entities & mixed operations.

Cache – Allow caching on the client to reduce server request. Allow querying a cache in the same as that of OData services. Allow saving the data locally & sync it when needed

Extend – Allow to extend the model with custom properties, methods , events etc.

Plug with Backend – Integrated with Entity Framework . Supports WebAPI & OData. Works with NoSQL,, SAO backend.

Track Changes – Allow self tracking for entities which also help to revert an entity back to some state

Being listed the major features, here is the salient features you may like :

  • IntelliSense support for Visual Studio 2012.
  • RequireJS-enabled for modular applications.
  • Out-of-box support for Knockout, Angular, and Backbone.
  • TypeScript support for compile-time type checking, classes, interfaces, and inheritance.
  • Quality control through QUnit automated tests.
  • ORM – Object Relation Mapper like querying

In Next post I will explain the core concepts of breeze.js