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Security Bug in LinkedIn

As you all know I am a PHP Freelancer & Consultant in Bangalore & I use a lot. In fact I get most of my new clients in

But, I do have a day job. Recently I saw a opening in & applied for it. And today I logged in to see  status & updates.Unfortunately I have found a security bug in Below is the screenshot of the same.


Exactly what Happened ? 

I had not logged out of LinkedIn in my previous visit. Today I had a new comment on a discussion I started in a group. So an e-mail was sent by LinkedIn stating the same. I wanted to “Flag as Inappropriate ” on a comment & I click on the link given below the comment. Then I was said that you have not logged In & redirected to Login Page. May be the session had expired!  But the session also shows my messages & notification even if I am logged out (according to LinkedIn). That’s a bug ? or feature ?

Finally, This is not a first time I am reporting bugs to LinkedIn. Below is the link to the post , I which I had reported a same kind of bug.

So…some free testing for LinkedIn….:)