Non–IT Entrepreneurs Mindset

Two days ago I had got a call from an Entrepreneur who is a doctor my profession. He wants to establish a business in IT with hospital ERP as an entry point. That’s quite natural. The one you understand better is the one you may get success in. He has an example for an ERP which is desktop software that currently running in his hospital. Yes…He is happy with that and wants to build a similar one. That’s great!!

But let me tell you he want a desktop software only. He says no to online solution.

That astonished me! Naturally my next question was WHY?

Humm…. he had mainly two reasons. Ya…they are genuine reasons too….

1)      Sometimes Online software don’t open or not reachable

2)      His client thinks that their data goes out of their organization. So may get misused


So my immediate challenge is to change his mindset…Yes I did it….But in another way round.

I asked him what would be the price of desktop software for his client.

He quoted an amount X.

Immediately I said, if the same solution is done online we can change 10 times less than amount X /user/month. Right! I introduced a cloud based software to him in a layman way. Well that impressed him and he listened to me.


Immediately I started clearing his myths. I asked him “Have you ever seen Google or Facebook go unreachable?” He had no answer. I continued, that never happen because you have a better maintenance. Further I said the particular hospital data can only be accessible by the particular hospital staff because they are password protected. There I ended my quick advice.

Then after 5 seconds of silence, he said I will get back to you.

I said that’s great and hanged up the call…