Around Me

As a Freelance web developer I come across many things happening around me. I learn them by observation and talking to people. I write about some of those here.

Bingo Chat Hosts Can Build Better Brand Image

All most all bingo software allows player to chat among them self and the chat host. This means that the chat host are first point of contact for any player. He/she is the one who is representing from your brand. Serving the players in a most friendly manner would impress the player and make them to return back. Players at… Continue reading →

Building Primary Revenue Stream With Mini Games

Today the mini games which were introduced as a side games along with bingo, poker, casino are no longer just meant for fun. They have moved out of the category “Fun Games”. These games are played for shorter period of time and this is the reason for their popularity. scratch cards and slots are most notable games of this kind.… Continue reading →

Getting Your Brand Promoted By Players

Very recently crystal ball bingo was relaunched with new design. This new bingo site is being developed on AliQuantum platform which is based on JSP and this is my first website in JSP . Along with the new design Crystal Ball Bingo also introduced a new concept of marketing called Brand Ambassadors. This is a unique concept where in the… Continue reading →

BestBingoClub – My first Bingo Portal

BestBingoClub is a bingo portal designed to compare the different bingo brands. Even though I didn’t work much on this website , it is a memorable experience. This website give me a good chance to experiment the things as I was completely new to such a kind of development. This website gave me a way to learn CSS and Java… Continue reading →

E I Technologies Pvt. Ltd

In my last semester of under graduation , I developed a limited social networking website for my family called Based on this website , I managed to get a job in a civil construction and consultancy company by name E I Technologies. My brother was working under a civil department in this organization . He introduced me in this… Continue reading → – My First PHP Project

In my last semester of under-graduation , I was bound to do a family website by name This was my first PHP project. In fact I learnt PHP by myself  to execute this project. I pay my gratitude to in this aspect. It is a ultimate guide for beginners. It was a very good experience learning PHP . The… Continue reading →

Prerana Institution – My First Project

I started out with my first project to build a website by name Prerana Institution . This was project with a simple HTML knowledge that I had. I was not a one hand army. I was accompanied by my friend Shankar.Probably I would have not done this project with out him He was the guy who bought me into this… Continue reading →

Prerana Consultancy – My First Job

Prerana Consultancy was a small startup with just 2 web developers – Me and My friend Shankar. This was my first job and my career started with simple HTML. It was a time when I even didn’t  have any knowledge about the internet. Both of us were fresh hands and Prerana consultancy was a learning house for us. The website… Continue reading →

Social Media Effects on iGaming Players

Many iGaming operators spend a lot on player acquisition which they cannot recover. It is being calculated that average cost per player acquisition is £120, which is too high and not guaranteed. The operators display ads on many portal websites through affiliate. They try out with many portal websites and pay huge to portal operators for getting their ads displayed. All… Continue reading →