Around Me – My First PHP Project

In my last semester of under-graduation , I was bound to do a family website by name This was my first PHP project. In fact I learnt PHP by myself  to execute this project. I pay my gratitude to in this aspect. It is a ultimate guide for beginners.

It was a very good experience learning PHP . The concepts like session, cookies and database behind the website was introduced to me in this process. I took not even 30 days to  understood PHP. Because PHP has a c-like programming style , the learning curve was  small. It was a great fun to work on PHP. For the very first time I used MySql database and worked with SQL queries to solve many problem. was a limited social networking site for my family. It had account creation and profile creation options. The logged in members were free to see up-coming birth days, Get contact details of other relations and send message to each other.I had also built a admin interface on the back end to approve and block the the members.

Even though the website had many options built by me at  one shot no one used it. Many of my relations didn’t return back and some of them not even pay a visit to the website. Then I didn’t knew the reason. But today I have understood that community matters. Also Interest and intention matters. I failed to build such an interest. But Facebook did it. All my relations were active in Facebook but not in my website.

I went to Google Apps to register the domain for this website. My uncle bought this domain for me. Even though I hosted few websites before I was not sure about the process and ended up with a mistake. I just bought the domain but not hosting space and I couldn’t get in touch with my uncle again because in returned back to USA. So every mistake has a punishment. I searched for free hosting on Google and hosted on it. Since the free hosting had it’s own limitation , I was bound to be limited in my development. Gradually I lost interest in the website development and that website in no longer available.