Around Me

Prerana Institution – My First Project

I started out with my first project to build a website by name Prerana Institution . This was project with a simple HTML knowledge that I had. I was not a one hand army. I was accompanied by my friend Shankar.Probably I would have not done this project with out him He was the guy who bought me into this project.

Since we were less efficient in building the website we used a templates.We choose a best template and started customizing it. We introduced many changes in the website. This was a R&D project for us. We took some where around 25 to 30 days to build this small website.We had a great experience with this project. We played around HTML , CSS and java scripts.

Finally , The website was ready to host but we didn’t know how to host it. We run around the internet and found some blogs. The Google was a best teacher for us and of course even today.