Being a freelance web developer I get to speak with lot of people. I impart most valuable knowledge from few great people. I share those learnings here.

Impact of local market visit as a part of itinerary

Last few days ago, some interesting question popped up in one of the Linked-In group related to travel. This question came from someone who organize itinerary for his customers. The author of that question wants to include local market visit as a part of the itinerary. The author writes the outcome of this idea in the description of the question.… Continue reading →

Insight of need for technology in travel industry

Travel industry has seen significant growth in different branches from last few years. Experts in travel industry have recognized different service sectors and positioned their business accordingly in the market. Package Tours, cab Rental, Customized Group Tours, Train and Bus Booking are few major sectors which are being operated by the different business. As all the above mentioned sectors are… Continue reading →

Why me too business are not successful

Last few days ago I got a request from a client to develop a website just like My first reaction for that was “yes! I can develop a job portal for you”. Then he replied “I want it exactly like a”. So after that I requested him to give me the list of requirements. He said “I need… Continue reading →

Which is the best PHP framework these days?

Today one of my readers asked me following question via e-mail.  “Which is the world’s best PHP framework in these days which have all the features, fast, robust, everything and developer using that can develop very good web application. Second i want to know what is better for a web application using any frame work to develop it or just… Continue reading →

The other side of usability

Here is post about one more session in mobile developer summit today. The title of this post is the also the name of session – The other side of usability. In one word it’s all about optimizing the apps for speed. Here is the key takeaway : Apps response time is crucial element to engage the users. Speed bottleneck can… Continue reading →

Scott Davis in Mobile Developer Summit today

Today I attend the Mobile Developer Summit in NIMHANS conventional center,Bangalore. This event was very well organized and was information filled. Mainly I liked two session of scott davis – One Web Many Screens , Mobile OSes : More than Android & iOS. I would write a post with collective of those two. Here are key take away from the… Continue reading →

IRCTC is testing very new User Interface

Today, I discovered that IRCTC is testing a new user interface. As per my observation not every request is routed to new interface, instead a random request is sent to this new interface after the user clicks on the “Find Trains” button. At first I thought this new interface is public , however during my continued search for trains on… Continue reading →

I reviewed a book from PacktPub Publications

Few months ago , I reviewed a book from the well known published PacktPub. It was a book of about 64 pages titled “Instant Testing with Qunit”. As a reviewer , I should say that this is a  book for quick hands on Qunit. Click on the front cover of the book to know more about the book. Being said… Continue reading →

How to make money with startup ?

I just found this infographics about startup via Facebook . Of course the money making is not a only factor for an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs will have a very good product idea . Even most of this Web Developers take a step ahead with their great product idea and find a startup.     Continue reading →