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The other side of usability

Here is post about one more session in mobile developer summit today. The title of this post is the also the name of session – The other side of usability. In one word it’s all about optimizing the apps for speed.

Here is the key takeaway :

  1. Apps response time is crucial element to engage the users. Speed bottleneck can easily make the first time user to abandon the apps  and finally uninstall.
  2. The wait loader can easily give bad impression about the apps. Hence avoid it wherever possible.
  3. Load the text content first and then load the images. You can download the images in bulk in a single HTTP request
  4. Do layout optimization. Avoid over drawing UI elements
  5. Identify the bottlenecks and fix them. Below are the few way to identify the bottleneck…
    • Hallway usability testing
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Start using the apps yourself
    • User comments an feedback

This sessions had a good showcase on how the apps can be improved. The speaker shows the different version of an example app, improving it on next higher version.