December 2012

Google India lights candle on it’s home page

Google India has lit a white candle on its home page as tribute to 23-years old Delhi gang –rape victim.  She passed away on December 27th in Singapore hospital.   It’s not a Google Doodle, but a small candle image below its search bars. Once you move a cursor on the candle it reads “In memory of the Delhi brave… Continue reading →

Non–IT Entrepreneurs Mindset

Two days ago I had got a call from an Entrepreneur who is a doctor my profession. He wants to establish a business in IT with hospital ERP as an entry point. That’s quite natural. The one you understand better is the one you may get success in. He has an example for an ERP which is desktop software that… Continue reading →

Developers like creative ideas!

When a new customer contacts me for a web development the first question they would prefer to ask: Customer: How do you charge? Me: Well,  Rs X per hr or fixed amount for a particular website Customer: Your charges are very high. What is the best price you can quote? Come on Customers, many developer always like to develop on… Continue reading →

User Profile Date Collection and User Experience

User Profile has become a common aspect of all kind of website. Say it is a news aggregator, social networking, recommendation site, e-commerce or social gaming, the user profile plays a vital role. The only reason behind this is the sites known more about its users. In other words, analyzing this data will give a new business opportunity. The simplest… Continue reading →

The first journey into Vtiger

From last few days I was trying out with Vtiger CRM which is an Open source CRM which got split from Sugar CRM. In fact even today few codes of Vtiger are used by Sugar CRM and vice versa. In Vtiger this has been clearly mentioned using comments. So we can identify the original author of the code. The Vtiger… Continue reading →