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The first journey into Vtiger

From last few days I was trying out with Vtiger CRM which is an Open source CRM which got split from Sugar CRM. In fact even today few codes of Vtiger are used by Sugar CRM and vice versa. In Vtiger this has been clearly mentioned using comments. So we can identify the original author of the code.

The Vtiger make use of Smarty template as presentation framework. But the internal framework is bit clumsy. Since many elements of Vtiger make use of other open source projects the code is included as is. In other words for first time developer understanding the location of the codes is bit difficult.

Actually, I started to look into Vtiger to enter into Customization market. That’s the reason I suppose to look into these aspect of the system. But one thing which I must say is that it is very powerful CRM which is strictly build over OOPS concepts.

Being said that, I have few more things to say. There is a very less market for Vtiger in India. Yes, in Indian market Vtiger is not much adopted. Probably you may say adoption is very less in Asia too. In fact, according to an expert whom I spoke to, said me that automation has very recently started in India. So that’s the exact reason for the market status of Vtiger in India. Vtiger has a huge market in US and Europe. Many small and medium enterprises are in automation mode.

That’s all. My Vtiger journey has just started. I will come up with more facts after few kilometer of travel.