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User Profile Date Collection and User Experience

User Profile has become a common aspect of all kind of website. Say it is a news aggregator, social networking, recommendation site, e-commerce or social gaming, the user profile plays a vital role. The only reason behind this is the sites known more about its users. In other words, analyzing this data will give a new business opportunity. The simplest example of this is to send a birthday greetings to the users with some discount on the product site sell.


OK, that’s enough. Now one knows how important the user data is.  Let me speak about the user experience while you collect their data. Further of the post just deals with that!


One thing which needs to be understood is that, complete data about a user cannot be collected at one shot. To say the same in user point of view – “Hey come on, why should I give all my details to you. What’s the use? “. Did you get the last statement? It all means user must experience a value in your product. They have to feel your product is essential for them. But there are ways to push the user to enter their data in their subsequent logins. Just read on to know these tricks.


I Want 100% – Always keep the meter which measure how much the profile is completed. If this is less than hundred then show message in red in the top location where users eye ball may fall. That’s one of the good tricks. Everyone wants things to be 100%. Few people give their data to reach this target.


I Want All Features – Your user wants to enjoy every feature of your products/site. This can be seen as an opportunity to collect the data. Start unlocking the feature of the site based on the percentage of profile being completed. This will force the users to give their data.


Continues Collection – Collecting the user data with one line questions is one of the best way. The user experience is must better than the above two. The example of it goes as below

Which school did you attend?

This style will help the user to answer simple question at a time, which will fill the required parts of a profile.