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Dear business owners: SEO is a slow and steady process

This write-up is about thought process of the business owners. I have tried to put them together here. You may also discover solutions for a problem of same nature you are facing. So read on…

Many business owners ask very first question about SEO –

“Sachin, tell me….. How much time will it take to get my site on first page of Google?”

The immediate answer I would be give them –

“The more you are lucky, the faster would be the results… “

No one wants to hear such a kind of answer! The fact is the SEO is a slow and steady process. It takes much of the time in analyzing the site and its structure. No search engine optimizer can tell you exactly how much time it takes to get your site on the first page of Google; may few can guess based on their experience.


Being said that, I would also tell business owners not to measure the performance of SEO operations based on whether the site is on first page or not. Because that’s not all SEO is. It is a process of brand building.

Not all business owners are of above kind. I have met few owners who have understood the above facts. They know that SEO is a long term operation. They have realized that starting the search engine optimization today would fetch those better results after few months.

Coming back to the conversation , After explaining them the reason behind such an answer for my question, people tend to ask a very interesting question.

“Ok…I agree with you Sachin…But I can’t wait months together to get the results. I do start SEO from today….but what is the fast way to have few customers in very first month…?”

This time my answer would be somewhat satisfactory to them. I would say –

“You can start social media marketing…. Try to sell in huge social networks like Facebook, twitter and so on…”

As soon as I make this statement, I see a kind of acceptance in their faces. That’s great… but I have not completed my statement…I continue by saying

“But you need a proper social media strategy that works…”

Of course the strategy varies from company to company. Which one works for you has to be discovery based on the reports and trials!