How can I help your business ?

I have worked with hundreds of clients from the day I figured out my passion towards technologies.My passion drove me all along to get a master degree in computers.I have been solving business problems of various nature and have listed some of them below.Please go thru the list and if they make sense then feel free to reach out and ask me if I have done something in the area you’re specifically looking for help with.

  Content Management System

As the team grows, your business suffers from increasing risk of data loss. I can work with your team to build an effective content management strategy and implement it.

  Order and Payment Gateway Integration

You need finest solution to sell services or products online. I provide an elegant order management and Payment Gateway integration solutions.

  Customer Facing Web Apps

If you're looking for a web site that build identity, impress customer and generate leads - I'm really best among the business. See it for yourself

  Business Analyst and Reporting

Business decisions has to be made with numbers derived from past business transactions. I can help your to automate creation of analytic reports and charts .

  Custom CRM Development

Effective solutions is required to deliver best customer experience. I work closely with your sales and marketing teams to build your custom CRM / CXM.

  Business Process Automation

Your business process needs maximum efficiency and transparency. I can ingeniously develop business process management system that is tailored for your organization.

  Real Time Monitoring Panel

If you're in search of solution to control business activities in real time then you have found a right person. I can develop system which is a perfect fit for your company.

  Digital Marketing Materials

Creative marketing materials such as landing pages, newsletters, mobile apps is what you need - isn't it ? I can help to code them, right for you.

Technologies I can help you with

If you are reading this section, I am sure you are good at technology in your own way. To keep it short and simple, I have been working with technologies from last 5 years. Here , I have listed the major technology that I have worked with .

  PHP & MySql Development

Have you heard people saying: "PHP is the best programming language"? well, they are absolutely right - I have experienced it. I can put in my experience to build your next business application.

  Responsive Mobile Web Application

Getting everything done over mobile has become a new practice, sometime habit. I build a responsive mobile web application.Think of it - it's a single solution for all devices; it helps you to be everywhere.I am sure,you need it.

  API Design and Development

Some of the popular API fails because of the bad API strategy planning. I will work with you closely to build developer friendly API which would be quickly become valuable asset of the your company.

  UI & UX Development

Building a habit forming application is a tough job. But it isn't impossible thing if you deliver best user experience that take it's space in hearts of the customer. I can work with you to build a remarkable user interface.

Consulting - do more around technology

I help people in different ways. In other words, their needs are different.
If you are looking for such resource who can take up the task which are quite different, then I would like to be your that right resource, if possible.

Below are the things, I have helped with

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