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Why PHP developer doesn’t fit in as PHP consultant?

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Let me start off my saying PHP Developer is not a PHP Consultant. If you have ever worked with a PHP developer before, you may have noticed few annoying things – unrealistic development promises, absence of long term commitments etc. May be you have seen a PHP developer quitting the project in between or not responding to your calls for weeks together. If you think why it is so – I would say that’s why they are called PHP Developers.

Yes, that’s a basic difference between a PHP Developer & PHP consultant. The PHP consultants are oriented towards fact & time. They speak the hard truth no matter what would be after effect – facts are facts!

PHP Developer

Being made a point above, that is not an only reason to choose a PHP consultant over PHP developer. If you have spoken to a PHP consultant before the way they put their thoughts are much different than PHP developer.PHP developer speaks in terms of what needs to be developed , but PHP consultant speaks in terms of what needs to be achieved & how it helps the business or client. PHP consultant take the “ownership” of the project they do – let me tell you ownership mindset come by hard way.

PHP developer collects your requirements and implements them – that’s the deliverable from his perspective. PHP consultant collects your business problems, analyses them, propose alternative in the business process then implements the required solution. He / She takes a long route – that’s how they work and tries to make things perfect, hence PHP consultant.

One last point, I have met many PHP developers in which majority of them takes up a project just to earn money – in fact few of them are in friend list. There is an absence of real passion towards software. PHP consultant involves in a project with passion & tends to make wise decisions.

Key Takeaway

  • PHP Consultant speaks the facts to its hardest extent
  • PHP developer collects requirement , PHP consultant collects business problems
  • PHP consultant analyze problems, recommend change in business process & then implements solution
  • PHP developer thinks in a different way than that of PHP consultant – Ownership mindset matters!
  • PHP consultant drives himself / herself in the project mostly for passion towards software