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How to impress your customers online

Today I have revamped a my blog design. The new design is attractive, mobile friendly and more informative. Cover photo of this article hosts the new design of the website.

But wait, what’s wrong with the old design ?

After using the old design for year and half I have found many drawbacks of the old design.In simple words It was not impressing the customer who have landed on my website. Below are the few things which every consultant like me must have in their website.

Have a vision: Have a vision for your website.Just having blog don’t get more customers. Vision of my website is to introduce myself & my service to my customer.

First Impression is a good impression: Design your home page carefully. Try to impress the customer as much as possible. My home page gives information about service offered, my introduction, testimonials and few reasons to hire me.

Build for different types of customer : Always consider the different types of customer you have. Build pages for them. In my website skills page is mostly visited by tech savvy people, Portfolio page is visited business owner who are not tech savvy.

Introduce Yourself : Your customer are new and they don’t know any more about you other than your name. Build a separate page to introduce yourself.

Single point of contact: After all I want my customer to get in touch with me. I have a single page which gives all possible ways for my customers to reach me.I have linked this pages from almost all the pages.

I have figured out many things apart from the above. I would write about them soon in the same space. Till then , hope above few things helps you.