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I find elegant solutions for your challenging business problems.

Freelance Web Developer - Sachin G Kulkarni

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I have worked with mix of clients coming from different background carrying different set of business problems for me to solve.I have been solving their problems to it's fullest extent. Below is the open list of thing I have done, technology I used and more.

Business Problems

I have solved the business problems of varying nature. Here are few of them:

  •   Content Management System

  •   Order and Payment Gateway

  •   Customer Facing Web Apps

  •   Business Analyst and Reporting

  •   Custom CRM Development

  •   Business Process Automation

  •   Real Time Monitoring Panel

  •   Digital Marketing Materials

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I have been working with following technologies from last 5 years.

  •   PHP & MySql Development

  •   Responsive Mobile Web Application

  •   API Design and Development

  •   UI & UX Development

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Apart from development, I take up various challenging jobs around technology.

  •   Technical Interview

  •   Technical Training

  •   Technology Research

  •   Code Review

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Companies and Projects that I have helped

Being a freelance web developer and consultant from last 5 years, I have worked with many client and project.Below are few of the companies and projects with which I was happy to be part of.

Testimonials from LinkedIn: Freelance Web Developer

I have served many clients as Freelance Web Developer and Consultant. Below are the few of the LinkedIn recommendations from my clients about my service.

Kumar Setu | Marketing & Business Growth Strategist Kumar Setu | Marketing & Business Growth Strategist

I had hired Sachin to develop one of my web apps and it was a great experience working with him. He didn't only understand the requirements thoroughly but also questioned lots of features, came up with ideas to improve user experience and so on. And the final outcome was a great product exactly the way I had envisioned. I highly recommend Sachin and would definitely utilize his skills in future whenever I have some relevant needs.

Akash Senapaty Akash Senapaty

After many years of not-so-great experiences while getting [www.wowclub.in] built, we finally met Sachin.
Not only did he deliver a great product, he also put in his valuable suggestions, painted an accurate picture, never over-promised and was generally a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Thariq Anwar Thariq Anwar

Sachin is a detail-oriented developer who makes sure that everything he does is precise and accurate. One of the best developer I have worked with in the past who is not only serious and professional with his work but also a fun person to work with. Sachin works very hard and has a "can do" attitude. To see him improve his skills in the level that he is in now makes me proud to have worked with him. Thumbs up! - I wish him all the best for his future

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Technologies you need to run a “on-demand service” startup

On-demand service industry has been growing in India. Today we have on-demand service starting from cabs to laundry. This is catching up a trend among the new generation as it makes their life easy. Soon things like getting a haircut, fixing a tap becomes a part of on-demand service industry.

Say you have a great idea that would be a part of on-demand service economy, and then you need to know just two things to get started – a business knowledge of your industry and technologies you need to run your business. This blog is all about the latter one.

On demand service

Mobile app for all participants

Most of the on-demand services operate by making aggregation of local services in their industry. In simple sense business make a tie-up or an agreement with the other business entity or individuals at different locations. These business entity or individuals are called vendors.

On-demand services serve its customer at different locations just by route the orders from customer to the nearest vendors. From business prospective, on-demand services are location based order routing system. As the services are location based and needs to be served instantaneously, you need a mobile app which connects between the participants – customers and vendors.

Business activity control system

These mobile apps are quite simple. They collect very few information from both the customer and vendor. An order get raised with few taps on customer’s mobile and order get server with few taps vendor’s mobile. They would be just that simple but it your on-demand business will not be as simple as that.

Later or sooner, you will find that real-time control on the orders is required. At least you need to manually assign a vendor for few orders which don’t get accepted through your normal business process. In simple sentence you need a back office control system for your business activities. These system needs to be custom developed as there is nothing readymade yet.

Automated Billing System

Generally your customer pays the bill either to you using your mobile app or to your vendor directly. In both cases you need a customized automated system to clear the payables or get the receivables. This can be a part of your control system defined earlier.

Billing system functions differently, based on your business agreement with the vendors. Your on-demand service may pay the vendors weekly or monthly after subtracting the commissions. You can automate calculation of commission, creating a debit note. This would increase accuracy and on other hand trust among the vendors.

Last thing you must be aware of

This is a last but not least which you must be aware of.

There is a lot of possibility for your on-demand services to tie-up with other business which brings in the value. To make tie-up happen easily from technology front, make sure that your developer build your business solution on top of API. Integration with 3rd party will become way lot easier if your business is built on API.

Adapt a workflow solution to manage your team

I get chance to speak with many small business owners like you through mediums such as phone, skype, hangout and sometimes face to face. Every time when they speak about the internal business management software, the topic of workflow comes along the way.

Being small business owner, you may have mindset that business process management system (BPMS) is for big organizations and it’s too complex for small teams. You may be partially right. This blog will throw some light on business process management system for small team.

You are at the center of your small team

If you are running a business with small team having around 10-30 people, then no matter what, you would be at the center of your small team. Every information flows through you. If the team is spread across the geographical this becomes even more complex. Most of your time is spent communicating between your employees.

If this is you, then you are reading the right blog. I know you don’t need a full functional business process management system. But what you need is a component of BPM- that is workflow management system.

Workflow management system is better than task management system

You may have figured out a simple solution to bring your team together. You would have been using some task management system or a project management system to do that. However what is not found in task management system like asana, producteev is the ability to get a work done by your team in a particular flow.

In other sense, you don’t get to see progress of the team in very easily way. This is where you may need to adapt a workflow in your business.

Not all business activity has proper flow

Yes, it’s true. You can’t predefine a flow for all your business activity. The task under the business activity will change or get added based on the circumstances. This is very common in practice. This is the reason I suggest to use adaptive workflow management system.

Adaptive workflow management system allows you to add or remove tasks whenever needed for a particular instance of the workflow. This keeps your standard workflow template intact and can use for next time.

The key take away

Use adaptive workflow management system which helps to change the task and flow as required. These systems will notify the employees about their turn in the process. You can also make few tasks to go in parallel between the teams. This way you will gradually drift from being center of your team.

Think of it! Does this kind of setup suits your organization? Please comment your thoughts.



Why SaaS based CRM system is not a right fit for your business

If you are reading this post, then you are well aware of what those terms SaaS and CRM mean. May be you are in the process to evaluate the best CRM system for your business. You are doing this because CRM from brands such as Salesforce, Sap or Microsoft is too complex for your medium sized business to fit in.

So which is the best SaaS based CRM for your business? Believe me, none of them are your best fit. Now you may think that this is baseless argument. Of course, it’s not. I am going to tell you the thoughts collected from various entrepreneurs during my freelancing from last 5 years. Read ahead, if you are interested.

Missing factor in SaaS based CRM system

Your company finds a sweet spot in the market by differentiating on how you serve the customers. This is directly dependent on how the company operates internally. In simple word, business process directly reflects the customer service. Better the business process at your company, best you serve your customers.

Now that said, most of the CRM available as SaaS focus on 3 key areas – Marketing, Sales Customer service. This is required by all the companies irrespective of their size. These CRM can be customized to a predefined extent to increase their relevancy to your business. But they real miss is the business process integration.

Business Process Impacts Customer Service and Sales

Business process just does not impact your customer, but also impacts the performance of your employee who faces the customer.

Most of the sales people define CRM as another system to make a data entry .By their experience they are right. Most of the time, they just don’t see it helping them in their work other than getting all the data under single page.

In anyways either customer suffers due to bad service or company suffers in terms of sales.

Looking into CRM from different angle

We have to look a CRM not just as tool for sales, marketing and service, but as a complete back office system that brings everyone in the company together. You need to build business process right into system which makes every team to follow it.  If this is achieved, you could actually give better experience to the customer. In other word, your CRM becomes a CXM – customer experience management system

My final argument

None of the SaaS based CRM system today have such option for you. In fact it’s very difficult to have such feature even in future. Every company business process differs; human factor defined by the company at different stages of the process differs.

Being said all these; I would suggest building a custom CRM for your company.

To summarize custom CRM gives following flexibility



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