I'm a freelance web developer and consultant.

I find elegant solutions for your challenging business problems.

Freelance Web Developer - Sachin G Kulkarni

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I have worked with mix of clients coming from different background carrying different set of business problems for me to solve.I have been solving their problems to it's fullest extent. Below is the open list of thing I have done, technology I used and more.

Business Problems

I have solved the business problems of varying nature. Here are few of them:

  •   Content Management System

  •   Order and Payment Gateway

  •   Customer Facing Web Apps

  •   Business Analyst and Reporting

  •   Custom CRM Development

  •   Business Process Automation

  •   Real Time Monitoring Panel

  •   Digital Marketing Materials

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I have been working with following technologies from last 5 years.

  •   PHP & MySql Development

  •   Responsive Mobile Web Application

  •   API Design and Development

  •   UI & UX Development

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Apart from development, I take up various challenging jobs around technology.

  •   Technical Interview

  •   Technical Training

  •   Technology Research

  •   Code Review

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Companies and Projects that I have helped

Being a freelance web developer and consultant from last 8+ years, I have worked with many client and project.Below are few of the companies and projects with which I was happy to be part of.

Testimonials from LinkedIn: Freelance Web Developer

I have served many clients as Freelance Web Developer and Consultant. Below are the few of the LinkedIn recommendations from my clients about my service.

Kumar Setu | Marketing & Business Growth Strategist Kumar Setu | Marketing & Business Growth Strategist

I had hired Sachin to develop one of my web apps and it was a great experience working with him. He didn't only understand the requirements thoroughly but also questioned lots of features, came up with ideas to improve user experience and so on. And the final outcome was a great product exactly the way I had envisioned. I highly recommend Sachin and would definitely utilize his skills in future whenever I have some relevant needs.

Akash Senapaty Akash Senapaty

After many years of not-so-great experiences while getting [www.wowclub.in] built, we finally met Sachin. Not only did he deliver a great product, he also put in his valuable suggestions, painted an accurate picture, never over-promised and was generally a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Thariq Anwar Thariq Anwar

Sachin is a detail-oriented developer who makes sure that everything he does is precise and accurate. One of the best developer I have worked with in the past who is not only serious and professional with his work but also a fun person to work with. Sachin works very hard and has a "can do" attitude. To see him improve his skills in the level that he is in now makes me proud to have worked with him. Thumbs up! - I wish him all the best for his future

Raghuveer Prasad Raghuveer Prasad

Sachin's diverse understanding with various technologies and platforms enable him to provide solutions within a jiffy ! He is detailed in his approach and as a developer by profession he can work wonders around existing platforms to suit business requirements.
A workaholic by nature and a good friend. Ever so eager to learn new things in his domain and a never give up attitude that I like best about him !

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