Taste Graph – A new business model

You may have heard of Social Graph which is very popular by now. But have you ever come across a Taste Graph. Hunch is a recommendation engine to build a taste graph.This company has built a  partnership with big players to give a personal recommendation to their products.Interactive Corp’s, Buzzfeed, Bluefly, Heyzap, Milo, ShopStyle and FanBridge are the initial partners.

Hunch has an API through which you can build a custom Hunch-powered applications. These partners will build a custom application on Hunch or embed it’s functionality on their websites or both.But what is the business model here ?

Hunch has a free version of recommendation engine used by many partners. The e-commerce websites will share the revenue generated from purchases recommended by Hunch.This is a kind of revenue share without actually advertising your products. probably in later days CPA kind of revenue model would also be used at hunch.

One more thing which has to be observer here is that whole business model is built around the Hunch API. This means that once the Hunch is popular it would also build it’s own apps which can be used by the websites on monthly premium basis.