Supply Chain Problem With E-Commerce Retail

From last few days I have met people/businesses  who are facing the problem  with supply chain. The problem is not about the shipping or quality of the product  …it’s all about the Stock Inventory.

Say you are running an E-commerce Retail business in a particular niche. Your customer orders a product on your website. Now you need to run to your vendor to check the availability of the stock. That’s where the problem resides. That’s because you don’t have the updated stock inventory of your vendor.

Of course your vendor provides his stock status on request. But every time you need to request for it. One more problem is that the stock status is sent in excel sheet. The structure of the excel sheet varies from vendor to vendor. Also your vendors will not be professional. They really don’t understand your technology , In fact they don’t want to !

So how is that big companies handling it ? Well, It may surprise you that there is no such automated system in place. Every business does it manually. Even Flipkart is no exception.