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Why PHP developer must have a direct client?

Say you are a PHP Developer who takes up freelance projects. After few months of being in the field you always feel like you are paid less than what you deserve. If you ever felt so, then the person you have to blame is yourself. That’s because you may be having very few direct clients. Surprised how does this matter? Read on…

Direct Client


The first obvious reason is that the middle person between the client & you will take up his/her piece of cake. The left out is what you get. So that’s the very basic reason every one is known of. But let me tell you there are other reasons too.

The middle person always wants you to keep your price low, even constant forever. If you increase your price then he/she finds other PHP Developer or PHP Freelancer and gives away the project. One thing if you observer in the nature of the middle men – what you develop is valued in terms of money, ignoring the value it brings to the business. That’s because he is not the direct client. But direct client is no so…

Direct client knows why they need something to be developed. So they value your solution first and then go to monetary value. Of course its nature of the human “If we make up the mind to get something, the cost to get it is not a main concern”. You have two more reasons – Why PHP Developers must have direct client?

With direct client you can propose better solution which may cost bit high. Most of the times direct clients are ready to pay extra for better one. They listen to you & you get an opportunity to make some more extra bucks. Just not that – every developer has own ideas & will be in search of right platform – This may form a right platform to experiment the ideas.

Being said everything; I have one more point to make. Direct client will refer you to one among their circle who needs your expertise. Again he would be your next direct client. The middle men generally tend to avoid direct contact with the client as much as possible.

Key takeaway:

  • Direct client value your solution first & cost next
  • Direct client can bring you one more direct clients
  • If PHP developer increase the prices middle men may go, but direct clients try to adjust
  • Direct client can give you a platform to experiment your ideas.