New way to promote you site on google plus

As you all know Google plus – a brand new social platform is very strict in its policies on profile creation. It don’t allow to create profile with your business name and also do not allow fake or nick names. It is continuously monitoring on this and have deleted many accounts with business names and nick names. Google ask to wait until it releases  a business version of Google Plus i.e a similar product like Facebook page . The business owners can’t wait for Google to release the business version. They want to penetrate into the network when it is small , which helps them to grow big in later days. So they have a found new way to promote them self.

The business owners are creating  an account in their name and have submitted the RSS feed of their own site into it. They just promote this account on to their website and ask people to add them to their circle. Pete Cashmore CEO and founder of famous news and media site have such an account in Google Plus which is also verified by Google themselves.Thus they have found their way to reach the mass at Google Plus. Up to now this is fine with current policies of Google Plus. May be in later days , Google would come out with new policies in order to beat this.