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Finding PHP Developer or PHP Freelancer Online

From past few days many people asked me like how I get freelance project from the market. I explained them verbally & today I thought why let me not write about it. Many new business start ups who is looking out for freelancer had question – How to find PHP Freelancer in my city? The question has a concern hidden inside them. Actually the question was how to find trusted a PHP Freelancer online?

I had a one answer for all – Believe in freelancer’s social presence. Let me explain you the insight.

Today the Social media has grown to the extent that you can measure a person out of it? Many of my clients discovered me online thru my social media presence. Most of the clients would have gone thru my LinkedIn profile before they contact me.

The clients would have got a small impression about me before they even contact me. Believe me, that’s the truth. By this fact I don’t recommend the new freelancer to their profile with experience & projects. Please don’t do that. People are enough smart than you.

Being said that, most of the time I get contacted by people who get recommendation about me from my previous clients. Of course the LinkedIn recommendations will pay off in this aspect. I have experienced this lot!

Even my previous clients also assign me new project as I did my previous freelance projects well. I mean I server them to their expectation. This is called to be goodwill in marketing terms.

Let me tell you, LinkedIn is not only the site which helps me to get new clients. Many of my present clients are from too. But I have seen that I got less effective with skill pages. But for many of my PHP freelance friends, this site has turned to be good use.

I have my own website on which you are reading this blog – . This website has under gone many changes to express my skills & projects. Even this website gives a way out for the people who are in search of freelancers online.

I guess everything being said now. May be this article can help the concerned online users out there.