Frequently asked questions about hiring me

Below are few questions I answer frequently to my new clients. You may find answers to your question right away.otherwise,then write back to me.I will be happy to answer them.

How do we get started ?
You would get in touch with me for a specific requirement.We do initial discussion over phone or skype. This is the best time to get to know each other better. We discuss about the project to find compatibility between us.Then we meet face to face to discuss about nitty-gritty of the project.

Hope this sounds pretty neat to you :)

How do you charge ?
Of course,you know it! it depends on the project.In mostly charge on hourly basis for development projects. However,if your idea is unique then I sometime go by fixed price too. For consulting based project, it again depends.Hence get in touch to know better.

Do you have a payment structure?
Yes,I do. It varies from project to project.In general, you will pay a advance before start of the project.Further payments has to be made as the project proceeds.

How should I pay you ?
All the payments has to be made to bank account.You would receive a invoice for payments

Where do you stay ?
I stay in Bangalore,India.

Are you a full-time freelancer ?
Nope,I do have a day job - However I work from home & hence find time for extra projects.

Can you work from our office ?
It depends from case to case. Get in touch with me to know better.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement ?
In short,yes I do. As far as I deserve full rights to publish the project name, description, client name thru different channels like portfolio, resume, social media and other physical platforms like hoardings and public talks,I will sign any non-disclosure agreement.

How long are you been freelancing?
I am into this field from past 5 years

Do you have a team?
I have a network of independent freelancer who are specialized in their skills

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