Above $15 / ₹ 1,000 Per Hour

I know it's very difficult to make sense of above number with reference to real project. Let me help you with that here.

Example : Say there is a need to implement of login, registration, user profile and logout for your project. Below is a detailed costing.

Particulars Hour Estimation
Registration with full name, email and password 3 hrs
Login with email and password 3 hrs
Forgot and reset password 5 hrs
Profile display and edit profile 3 hrs
Change password after login 2 hrs
Logout 1 hrs
Total Hours 17 hrs
Cost $255 / ₹ 17,000

With that detailed estimation up there,I don’t know if that cost is too less or too high for you. What I do know is that I'm worth every cent of that money. I will be your sincere partner who find elegant solutions for your challenging business problems.

If you are looking for a person from whom you expect to get more intangible values – then – you have come to the right place. However, if you’re looking for a resource who can just write codes or do copy-cat implementations , then perhaps I'm not the best fit and you’d rather look for an alternative

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