October 2011

Onflow Home Page is Ready

Today I have finished the design of the OnFlow Home Page which is going to be a simple solution for internal project communication. In other words it would be a Social Workspace for Corporate World. Below is the very first screenshot of OnFlow home page.(Click on the image below have a bigger view) Continue reading →

Steve Jobs biography

I have ordered a copy of Steve Jobs biography thru FlipKart.com which has to reach me by tomorrow.  This biography is written by Walter Isaacson after many interviews with jobs and his co-workers at Apple. I have read bits and pieces about job’s  life before. Now this would be a complete dig thru… Anyways I would keep sharing what I… Continue reading →

PHP Framework – Building One

I am going to build my own framework . As of now below is the plan for my PHP framework… Database Abstraction – ezSQL Ajax Support – We just use Jquery User Autho – Save sessions in database Security Issues – Add csrf , Inspeket Performace Issues – Add HipHop, JSmin , Caching , cookies Presentation Issues – Add HTML… Continue reading →